sakura had her best shag ever

Naruto Finally Scores!!

Posted on: August 17th, 2009 by Rex 24 Comments

Iv'e always wanted to see Naruto screwing Sakura but he didn't have the chance(not unless he could survive the beating sakura would give him. hahahaha!). But after a long wait, he finally scores! giving sakura the best shag of her life.

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24 Responses

  1. sakurasexy says:


  2. NARUSAKU ONLY !!!! says:

    pls make more naruto and sakura

  3. gr says:

    sakura recibio de naruto lo mejor….
    sakura aprovechalo o si no hinata le pone del bueno…..

  4. konoha says:

    I want more sakura and naruto having sex and comics

  5. narusakuinolover says:

    u guys should make naruto sakura and ino in a pic 2gether plz it would be awsome

  6. Sexy says:

    this pic is so sexy sexy im going to cum :D D

  7. itachi says:

    u love me too cum inside the tesisk

  8. narusaku says:

    i like that

  9. narusaku says:

    more narusaku plz

  10. Garycolemanbobe says:

    I’d run in there and help Sakura with her mouth. THREESOMEZ!

    Grrrrrreat work!

  11. Gabriel says:

    AFZ bloquearão o site

  12. Sakura says:

    (moaning in ecstasy; thinks: Why did I spurn him all this years back?)

    • charlie graham says:

      this freakin why you should give us guys second chances we serprice realy well and no tossing us in the trash [ glares as sasuke ] that means you too

  13. guest says:

    she’s looking a li’l skinny………plz make her as voluptuous as she used to be……..dat will be seducing………lol

  14. josh says:

    me gusta porque sakura esta exitada y le a de decir a naruto mas duro mas duro aaaaaaaa aseme sexo anal aaaaa naruto aaaaa mas duro

  15. Sorrowful Hand says:

    AWESOME PIC! Naruto has been waiting this for a long time it seems.

  16. Sorrowful Hand says:

    I kneel before your excellence rex! Truly a work of ART!

  17. narukushina says:

    this is truly magnifacant. there should be more of these

  18. amo a hinata says:

    Naruto and Sakura are good friends!!!

  19. It my penis jeceung mau ewean says:

    Penisku jadi ceng ingin ewean

  20. Madara/toby love Sakura says:

    i love sakura

  21. ade says:

    you can have kid

  22. Phobos says:

    I wouldn’t fuck her,i would drill her!

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