Heal me

Posted on: October 28th, 2010 by Rex 28 Comments

Requested by breda

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  1. kal says:

    Excellent Karin and I love beautiful blush on his face still picture perfect

  2. Mari says:

    Awesome! I like Karin’s expression. It looks good.

  3. Temari^^Fucker says:

    It’s greate pic!!!Amazing

  4. Rrr says:

    Great pic and idea, i like how you made sasuke bit Karins shoulder making look imitate as well as showing off her way of how to heal people. Good job!

    Ps. Minor thing, you posted this pic in the Karui section instead of Karin.

  5. X-Light says:

    Looks like Karin finally has what she always wanted lol, cool pic rex

    Keep It Up The Good Work

  6. Defuck says:

    Now we know who is the best medic ninja ^^ Karin really looks like her the best dream finally come true. Excellent position, excellent expressions but how background you should draw the place where Sasuke fight with Danzo, never mind, amazing art
    P. S. rasengan – thank for support dude

  7. TeenFlash09 says:

    Awesome, so hot! Another happy and satisfied Sasuke-fangirl!

  8. narutofan100 says:

    congratulations karin you finally got sauske

  9. Suigetsu says:

    hey this drawing is really cool! Rex your overall drawing has improved extraordinary! And not just on the female bodies, but look at sasuke for example, his arm looks really well done.

    The past one with Madara looked badass, more like an action pic with fanservice included than hentai.

    keep it up!

  10. UNICORN says:

    Shit I love Karin Because Usually Chicks with glasses are hot ^_^

  11. luis says:

    q buen dibujo

  12. luis says:


  13. suggestion says:

    karin right breast is a bit weird if u know wat i mean

  14. suggestion says:

    my mistake is left

  15. suggestion says:

    the blush look weird also

  16. caca says:

    naruto x samui!

  17. Noble says:

    You know, I hate Sasuke, but finally we can see a frontal view of Karin’s body… she is really hot, I love her expression, good job.

  18. namichan says:

    awwwwwww how sweet and hot karin is so caring about sasuke lol

  19. Brandon says:

    I really wish someone would make a picture of Karin giving sasuke a blowjob, Karin completley nude, kinda how she was in that one image that someone drew, boobs should be normal size of karin’s (small)

  20. sasusaku says:

    I HATE KARIN for me she is a bitch, i know im going to have some hundred of dislike hahaha but, I HATE HER, SASUSAKU RULEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!! die Bitch, and please do sasusaku pics MUAHAHAHA

  21. sasusaku says:

    i hate karin and love sasuke, he is an arrogant idiot who must be sakura, and karin, well, sasuke kills her, dont you knew that? YESSSSSS SHE DIED! well, its a good picture, must admit it but!

  22. josh says:

    hey ustedes de naruto pixxx pongan las imagenes papa guardarlas hey son buenas no sean malos

  23. sasusaku says:

    !!!!!!!!!!queeeeeeeeeeee¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ karin con sasuke nunca ,puede ser con sakura pero con esa puta nunca aunque esta linda la imagen .

  24. amo a hinata says:

    karin very hot

  25. LOVE The Uchiha Brothers says:

    Uhh! I just love how Sasuke is holding Karin. This is an awesome pic. I’d love to see more of these so sexy and you should also include Itachi in one like a threesome :3

  26. sasukarin13 says:

    will you sasusaku fags shut the fuck up and enjoy the picture (sasusaku is one of the most biggest crack pairing ever,narusaku and sasukarin forever and if not sasukarin then sasuhina i rather kish kill himself before he make sasusaku happen)

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