You Still Think We Are Friends, Naruto?

Posted on: December 16th, 2010 by Rex 87 Comments

Requested by oopschiha

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  1. shemhazai says:

    Holy shit!!! excellent pic rex ,very nice idea oopschiha

  2. Y2N says:

    Naruto will kill you!!!

  3. X_x says:

    Naruto will sucked dick)=Ъ

  4. X_x says:

    Nice Work Rex)
    Amazing pic

  5. TallnDom says:

    Great artwork….


    If only this didn’t happen so commonly in your pictures. Hawt, hawt girls. But then you pair them off with Sasuke or Madara (I know, they’re by request) and it makes me cringe inside.

    Naruto all the way, I wonder when we’ll get one of him Fucking Mikoto?

  6. TallnDom says:

    Err, also.

    Damn man, even though I can’t stand the pairing, I still can’t quit staring!

    Fuck, you make Kushina irresistable.

  7. GodOfPeace says:

    Its an awsome~ pic (Kushina always~) and a Great idea too, but unfortunately; I hate to see Sasuke on any of these pixxx, hes spoiling the mood.: Its not that I hate him or something..

    But anyway, Great Job, & thanks for it.:)

  8. madmonkskillz says:

    lol, this pick makes me think of “the lonely island”

    Naruto: To me your like a brother, so be my mother-lover

  9. Azurate says:

    Eventhough Naruto going to rip Sasuke to pieces for this later, congradulations to Rex for making yet another astounding pic and to Oopschiha for getting his/her request.

  10. X_x says:

    I hope to the next stripped will be with Nii Yogito
    or Mikoto)

  11. Takasasuke says:

    great pic rex!!! i hope you draw more christmas pixxx with charakter + charakter . like sasuke x kurotshui or naruto x samui

  12. Uhhh says:

    errrrr, pictures great, both characters are drawn incredibly well, but the pairing doesn’t just cut it for me. And quite personally, I don’t think Sasuke doesn’t care about getting a girlfriend at this point (insane about burning Konoha down)and I don’t think he derserves one either (stabs Karin through her chest with a Chidori Sharp Spear). Can you please do Yugito next? You haven’t been doing her lately.

  13. HokageOfAll says:

    can i request naked kakashi with his “girlfriend” in ep. 191(N.S)

  14. Andrews says:

    Great pic,now I think Naruto deserves a revenge draw him fucking Mikoto!!!
    Great job Rex keep up the good work!!

  15. Dragon says:

    The idea of this pic is really great!:D And the pose of the pic is very nice! Great pic Rex!:)

  16. Laughing Man says:

    Love Kushina. Hate Sasuke.

    I think we all know what needs to happen now

    Revenge fuck. Naruto/Mikoto. Damn right

  17. Sanders says:

    How could you do this to me?! :-(
    I was going to request a pic where Naruto fucks Mikoto and Sasuke fucks Kushina, but you forestalled me.Well, now we need a pic where Naruto is fucking Mikoto to make this even.I hope that this is already in SB ;-)
    Im pissed, that you forestalled me but you’ve earned my congratulations because this is great pic.
    And ofcourse all credits goes to great artist Rex ;-)
    Good job man…
    Thanks for a spoiler man, really.
    Try to be more careful next time…

  18. X_x says:

    This picture is revenge for this image
    I hope Rex you do pic Hanare x Kakashi
    or Hanare x Ibiki)

  19. zoro says:

    Naruto will fuck Mikoto and bring babies from here

  20. slade says:

    nice pic, but i dont like the pairing though

  21. kindnaruto says:

    yay we got a female character from lock village her name is Hanare rex u can add her to your stripped series =D

  22. Natasha says:

    I appreciate everything that Rex post on here, no matter who the character is that is on it and what type of theme they are in. I love it all and appreciate to see them.^^

  23. Lawman09 says:

    Great pic. But I agree with most of the other people. I don’t like SasuKushi either. We definety need a revenge pic, NaruMiko! Also, its only a matter of time before KibaKarui fans ask for a request.

    BTW, for Christmas, Hinata should Naruto as a present. She’s nice all year, every year. She deserves to have sex with the man she loves. I’m probably going to get the thumbs down for this comment but…

  24. nasake says:

    you should make the next pic with naruto fucking sasuke’s mom and the title should be “yes i think we’re still friends”

  25. TeenFlash09 says:

    Thumbs up to nasake’s idea!

  26. X-Light says:

    For everyone who dislikes this couple, well that’s ok, but for this pic make sence it has to be those two right xD
    Anyway a sequel it would be good as a lot of people said also, and i’m going to give my opinion about the title too ”You Still Think We Are Enemies, Sasuke?”

    Keep It Up The Good Work Rex

  27. Sanders says:

    Or Naruto in Jinchuriki Mode with badass look fucking Mikoto doggystyle and pulling her hair & spanking her ass.
    After looking at this pic I began to have mixed feelings.I like it and yet I hate it…
    Strange… I dont mind Kushina with other characters but with Sasuke…
    Im starting to feel like character from NTR story and I begin to think that this is bad idea.
    Its just a pic but its affecting me.
    Perhaps Im too sensitive…

  28. The Sinful says:

    Not bad, be better if it was anal or a different position though, especially if Naruto was watching.

  29. #1narutofan says:

    @sanders i agree with you, this sasuke/kushina is really making me feel weird. people should really just go with the pairings that actually happen in the manga and anime (naru/hina, saku/sasu and mina/kush).

  30. #1narutofan says:

    i am starting to feel sorry for minato now.
    his wife is getting fucked by everyone even the #rd hokage and his own son and sasuke while he only fucks her twice.

  31. Rrr says:

    Very interesting picture and couple, like most people here I’m not a big sasuke fan but that doesn’t stop it from being a good pic when it has an amazingly hot girl like Kushina in it. I also think the follow up to this sounds like a good idea.

    @X-Light: This is just out of curiosity, but do you have any suggestions, because for me personally I’ve liked all of your previous suggestions as they have included some of my favorite characters in them so it would be interesting to see if you have any.

  32. X-Light says:


    Cool to hear it man, really appreciate :)
    And yes, ideas/suggestions are things that never stop in my head, but now i have the ”STOP” sign
    I don’t own a hentaikey so i can’t really come here and suggest (I miss that, not gonna lie about it) but seems those are the rules, i can’t really do nothing
    But once again thanks for the positive way about my old suggestions

    But even thought, that doesn’t mean i can’t tell you my ideas, if you want me to just say and i will post them here (I think Rex won’t mind it) ;)

  33. Rasangan says:

    well the topic is amazing and the pic is flawless but it should have had a bondage/rape theme to suit the name

  34. Rrr says:

    @X-Light : Thanks for responding and I wouldn’t mind still seeing your ideas.

  35. Rva says:

    Oh my god, Naruto is going to be so pissed!

  36. manzoku says:

    Sasuke = mothafucker.
    Naruto = son of a bitch.


  37. X-Light says:


    Heres some stuff man:

    Who: Ino + Kiba + Shino
    Topic: Like in the new war, all them in the jounin outfit and Shino with his face showing
    Title: Fifth Division

    Who: TenTen + Naruto
    Topic: In training outfit that shows in the end of the anime when they are fighting
    Title: Work It Out

    Who: Konan + Yahiko
    Topic: When Konan is taking care of Yahiko in the bed and both almost Kiss each other
    Title: Falling In… Love?

    Who: Sakura + Naruto ”9 Tailes Chakra Mode”
    Topic: Naruto in his new mode with Sakura
    Title: Am I Good Enough (For You Now)

    Who: Konan + Hidan
    Topic: The ”Akatsuki” ones out of the war
    Title: Excluded Ones

    Who: Temari + Shikamaru
    Topic: New war outfit, Shikamaru the leader of the Division
    Title: You Will Do It As I Say

  38. NF says:

    nice artwork… can’t stand sasuke though.. dont like him in any pixxx…

    kushina looks hot… but she is getting fucked by too many different people in the pics… keep her mostly for yondaime or naruto only… her getting screwed by so many diff. people makes her look cheap prostitute/slut or something… she is my fav. female char. and can’t stand seeing too many men screwing her.. but thats my opinion…

    but other than that… great artwork… like your pics… thnx…

  39. Zro says:

    kushina as always looks great
    sasuke ruins the picture

    the only good thing is that you probably will do the opposite next

  40. #1narutofan says:

    totally right @NF but i don’t like the idea of naruto. i mean he is her son and it is worse to fuck your son than fuck another man.

  41. Ray says:

    Doin your mom!
    Doin-doin your mom!
    You know we straight when doin your mom!!

  42. TeenFlash09 says:

    @Ray Ray Williams Johnson FTW! I did the exact thing a while ago in a NaruKushi one, I believe.

  43. Nagato-pein says:

    naruto fucking karin and sasuke fucking hinata and the title : switch

  44. Nagato-pein says:

    Hinata is very hot yea yea

  45. Jokerman12 says:

    Hey Rex don’t mean to bug you but I think it’d be cool if you changed the top of the webpage with more of the recent pixxx again…that’s just my opinion

  46. Jokerman12 says:

    Hey Rex don’t mean to bug you but I think it’d be cool if you changed the top of the webpage with more of the recent pixxx again…that’s just my opinion no pressure or anything

  47. Nagato-pein says:

    naruto fucking karin and sasuke fucking hinata and the title : switch
    Please rex please please please im gonna die please

  48. Liger01 says:

    Dude, you really need to stop with Kushina with freaking random people, it making her look like fucking slut, and totally destroying her character for everyone except the guy who requested this,keep it in the family, naruto or minato.

    • rex says:

      @Liger: with all due respect, this is a requested art. i can’t tell a member to go somwhere else and find another artist cuz i don’t want to ruin this characters image. everybody has the right to ask for whatever they want to see, as long as it doesn’t violate the rules, and as i remember, the last time i read the rules, theres nothing there that prohibits me to do this. sorry but this is my job…i have to do this.

  49. Kakashi of rinnegan says:

    nice art rex!

    i want some kakashi x hanare
    when kakashi caught hanare nearly jump at the cliff
    title: before you go!

  50. Lawman09 says:

    Wow! You guys really loved my post? What did you guys like about it?

  51. deva path13 says:

    who want some kakashi x hanare!!!

    who gonna unlike this comment his a gay!!

  52. Nagato-pein says:

    im sorry rex u.u

  53. NF says:


    agreed and that’s what i am trying to say as well her being paired with many random characters is making her look cheap and destroying her character… if we look at kushina tag all you see is all the pics she is getting fked is by all different people…

  54. Andrews says:

    You know i think that most of the people dont mind seeing kushina with another man than Minato and Naruto,the problem is that people are angry because it is Sasuke is this pic and most of then dont like him(me too).For me it would be great if I dont see any other pics that has sasuke !But kushina I cant get enough and it doesnt matter the pairing,of course if it’s not Sasuke!!
    But congratulations Rex your drawings are always awesome with any pairings.

  55. Pervy-Kun says:

    Another excellent artwork with Kushina. She are look as always freaking hot I love this pose and their faces expressions is just priceless.

    @ Liger01 and NF

    Come on, guys, That’s hentai site, we all want see many first-class porn-pics, many people want see variety with pairings and this is not wonder what the all girls here is “sluts” and this fact isn’t trouble for me. If you want sweet saintly innocent Kushina you should read manga, fanfics and fanart and not spending yours time on such sites. Kushina is one of the most popular girls here and in the suggestion box exist very many requests where variety boys bangs her and is few suggestions where she is with Naruto or Minato though I prefer few lesbian pics with her. So, guys, if really so unpleasant for you see fucking slut Kushina with totally destroyed original character then that site is not good choice for you. Do not be offended

  56. NF says:

    i wouldn’t mind seeing more solo or lesbian pics of kushina either… its just that there were too many men screwing her pics… watever though… i had enough of the arguments… latez…

  57. Sanders says:

    I understand your point, but right now Kushina is probably the slutiest girl in the pixxx and as popular as Hinata.Im not saying that it is wrong, because as you stated this is hentai site and people should have their fantasies but please, try to understand Liger’s & NF’s point of view.I too would like to see more NaruXKushi or MinaXKushi rather then some random dudes.
    From your post I take that you are a member…
    Can you tell me if there are any lesbian suggestions with Kushina?
    And if that possible could you write down suggestions with Kushina in the SB?
    Not the whole description but only the characters she’s with, ok?
    THX in advance

  58. Pervy-Kun says:

    @ Sanders

    In the suggestion box there is few lesbian suggestions with Kushina: Kushina/Mikoto, Kushina/Young Tsunade/Mikoto, Kushina/Karin, Young Kushina/Tsunade, Kushina/Hinata/Sakura, Kushina/Hinata, Kushina/Hinata/Konan, Kushina/Naruko, and also is one solo masturbating request with her.
    Sorry dude but I’m already write down one suggestion from another non-member in the SB

  59. #1narutofan says:

    no offence but what is it with you people. i still don’t get this naruXkushi thing, it just so wrong (who the hell would fuck their own mother)and the suggestions about the lesbian pics, it will ruin her character even.
    And by the way @Pervy-kun the manga and anime don’t even have kushina in a bikini (saaaaaaaaad):(

    this comment will probably get very low ratings.

  60. kingNamikaze says:

    no offense but I think Rex shouldn’t of made this one because it make Kushina look as if she’s the biggest whore on the entire show and it’s kind of pisses you off in a way………

  61. ddd says:

    seriuslly u guys this is a hentai website and ur thinking about a character being a whore or something how stupid
    people have the right to make a suggestion of kushina with any girl or guy that they want and they have the right because they r not violating any rules and they r paying
    now thx to u guys who complain about kushina being a whore rex might not do any kushina suggestions in a while

    I know this comment might get low ratings but I’m just putting what I think out there

  62. kingNamikaze says:

    yeah but still…….

  63. kingNamikaze says:

    Everyone hates Sasuke and him doing this pisses peopl off so you might as well do one where he’s like doing Mikoto

  64. #1narutofan says:

    well if you read the dates @ddd rex usually makes a kushina pic every fortnight on average.

  65. ddd says:

    @#1narutofan im not trying to start a argument or anything but rex makes kushina because members are suggesting those pictures and rex is being a good admin and making their suggestions and there’s like 12 kushina pics, Sakura and hinata have over 30 pics and no one is calling Sakura or hinata a whore

  66. shemhazai says:

    Dont take the immature comments to heart rex
    this is a hentai site in which as paying member requests should be done as long as it abides by said rules.

    I personally like Kushina with anyone and everyone complaining about sasuke grow up he is a fictional character in a manga.

    I give this pic a 5, keep up the excellent work rex.


  67. KeyDeslo says:

    I don’t undestand why the narutopixxx member say kushina is a bitch <_<

    It's a hentai site, not other thing.

    Well, this is a very good idea and a hot pic ! Thanks a lot for oopschiha and rex ! I like it <3

    In reality, the rape is horrible, but in a hentai pic… It's so hot =3

  68. Liger01 says:

    @rex, at least you replied to me, but the thing is that pretty much your the only who does Kushina pic, if you look for her there is practically none except one or two pic,thats why when you draw kushina pictures it kind of offends everyone, also the fact like hinata, sakura or anyone else there is practically thousands of them, so pretty much people become apathetic to it, but when your the only one doing this pic well u get the idea. Also I’m pretty sure there must be atleast more then 100 members and some of them give u more then just one request and you are one that has to choose, so that would make it partially your fault. Not to mention your pictures are posted on other sites too, so has you can see why you making them is so controversial, also I doubt that guy only had that only one request. Last thing, since it is your job shouldn’t you think of the future members who might get offended and leave, compared to one guy who gets is request denied, would then just suggest something else.

    • rex says:

      @Liger01:first of all, thank you. secondly, it believe that majority of the members here are old enough to understand that this is a hentai site and that they won’t be pissed to see their favorite character being abused so many times. let’s be face it man, anyone who gets offended by this one, i can fairly say that that guy is so immature. drop the childish mentallity dude and show some respect to other peoples request. i’m doing this to please all of you and not a particular group of people who hates or love a certain character. you can post whatever comment you want to say but don’t tell me what and what not to do because i know what i am doing is the right. With all do respect.. if you really don’t like to see Kushina getting raped, you might as well stick on reading the manga or go somewhere else. this site is not for for you.

  69. Andrews says:

    A guys let stop with this come on,now Rex cant draw pics of kushina with another man,in this site there are plent of different pairings lots of then that there is any kind of relation in the manga/anime.In this site there are pics of Sakura being fucked by a bunch of differnt guys,ino has already being fucked by undeads,tsunade fucked by three guys in the same pic,kurenai fucked by Hidan(the man who killed her husband)Shizune giving a blowjob by a deadbody,and Hinata fucked by Sasuke and Neji and by a ‘DOG’ and I havent seen anyone saying that they are sluts but now there are lots of people complaying about kushina being a slut come on stop this we should Thanks Rex and say that his job is awesome and kushina pics are goods with any pairings!!!

  70. Liger01 says:

    @rex don’t get so defensive I just was stating my opinion that all obviously, since my first comment I didn’t expect you to care to even reply to me, well whatever just do what you want it is your job.

  71. naruto says:

    i want naruto x mikoto pleas

  72. NarutoUchiha says:

    @sanders kushinaXnaruko and title *if you were a girl*

  73. someone says:

    hope we get to a ‘revenge pic’ XDDD

  74. shemhazai says:

    just fuck up liger

  75. Liger01 says:

    @shemhazai, first of learn to speak some what little english, second of all, u shut the fuck up, fat bitch. This is internet and I can say what I want, third, I was talking to rex, not u so butt out.

  76. Sanders says:

    There is already a suggestion with Naruko and Kushina, be patient…

  77. NarutoUchiha says:

    @sanders Thanks sanders

  78. jester says:

    karin she is sexing with sasuke i thought sakura is her love

  79. darker says:

    this was our great

  80. Shan Desa says:

    This pisses me off.

  81. Joe says:

    You so need to make more Sasuke hentai pictures rex.

  82. Preta path says:

    Stop hating on sasuke u bunch of naruto dickriders. He pwns in the show and in kushina =3

  83. uciha madara says:

    memen timpal masih kancelengen

  84. naruzuiha says:

    kushnas body hot mama lookin so good perfectly no sasuke naruto is not your friend after you fucked his mother!!

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