It’s Our Turn

Posted on: January 12th, 2011 by Rex 32 Comments

Requested by Kenty

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  1. X_x i love Konan^^ says:


  2. X_x i love Konan^^ says:

    Hehehe nice pic))

  3. Mr. Locke says:

    Heh nice one and the title is hilarious alongside with Kiba’s strange face expression XD

  4. tamilboy says:

    can u make pain and sakura?

  5. tsukotarasu says:

    Awsome pic rex. I’ll bet it took ahwhile to draw.

  6. SweetBlow says:

    Anal again? You draw far too many anal pics, seriously.
    I don’t have much to complain, it’s a GREAT pic, BUT three things:
    -I don’t like Hinata’s forced LookBack, so the viewer is able to see her complete face
    -The background is quite funny, but generally I don’t like to see men masturbating
    -When you draw Kakashi’s hand on her ass why in this boring way? Squeezing, Spanking or pinching would have been the hotter solutions.

    Well keep it up. Consider drawing a bondage pic plz :)

  7. Chaos says:

    The background was funny, but why Sasuke.. I also realized you’ve drawn alot of anal pictures lately. Idk about other people but I prefer the ol’ fashion stick it inside the pink way. I like this pic though. I liked how you changed it up with Kakashi and Shino (even though Shino played a minor but funny role in this picture). Another thing I realized is how come Hinata’s eyes are always so wide all the time like she’s shocked. You would think that she’s done this so many times that she shows pleasure in her eyes. Idk Rex, you can change it up on women’s facial expressions such as crying tears or eyes closed because of pain. Expand out your already wonderful art and you will definitely become flawless (if not already!)

  8. someone says:

    nice definetly, but why so many anal pics all of a sudden? call me ‘old fashioned’ too but even i’d like to see more pussy action myself. now that doesn’t mean that you as the artist have to stop completely with using anal..but in my opinion, a brake is needed from ‘doing it in the backdoor’. XD
    but great pic all the same, lol kakashi and sasuke are getting some action, while hinata-chan seems fairly surprised. (not necessarily a bad thing ;) )

  9. Dragon says:

    Awesome pic! i preffer vaginal over anal also, but that dont interfer on that great pic.

    about stripped sequence…

    i think the girls is missing are: Yugito, Hana, Tsunami (Inari’s mom, from Zabuza saga), Mikoto, Tsume, Karura, Matsuri, Fuen, Fuuka, Kin Tsushi and Tayuya. Someone warn if i forget someone! ^^

    that sequence is awesome, and i certain gonna miss when it ends. But, i’m thinking… maybe later could be draw a special sequence with young not-shippuuden characteres. I think its seven more (included Kin and Tayuya), if happen i gonna love, because i have a crush on young sakura ^^

    just an idea, what you guys think? i think all others loves stripped sequence as well. Thumb me for comprovation!

  10. linalee says:

    Very nice and funny pics. Kiba’s and Shino’s faces expressions is just priceless and this is very good what Hinata got a new boy in her harem. But….
    Me very disliked her hairstyle: hair is too long and wrong shape, you again forget drew a her ear. Again this scared-shocking face when she make blowjoB: she like want say “OMG! He put it in my mouth. What I must done, what I must done????” And again Shino don’t got any piece of this very sweet pie though he’s her teammate. By the way Hinata is still a single girl what wasn’t fucked by the all members of her team.
    P.S. @ Dragon
    On this site is one simply a rule: Strictly NO LOLLI/YAOI!!! so forget about young not-shippuuden characters

  11. Kakashi takagi says:

    Waaaa hinata ^^ very good

  12. Hinata says:

    Niiice, niice… Sasuke looks upset though. I dunno why.

  13. rasangan says:

    everything perfect as always exept that it’s anal again rex it wouldn’t hurt to take a little break from the ass and stik it back in the front door again

  14. Dragon says:


    Not too lolli, she had the age of moegi now, who also have pictures. Tsunade young is minus-aged and had a picture. And Hanabi (that’s a lolli, dont have even boobs) have a picture!

  15. Mr. Locke says:

    Yeah that’s right but Moegi and Hanabi pictures were made before rule “NO LOLLI”.
    So if Rex said no then I guess it can’t be helped…

  16. linalee says:

    At first you should read “ABOUT” and there you can find rules how right make artwork request. Those rules was presented here several months ago and after that we have not seen any pics with Moegi, Hanabi, Matsuri, Kin, Tayuya but we got few pics with young Tsunade though she looks like 16-18 years teenager and Rin (probably she is one of favs of Rex). So……

  17. Mr. Locke says:

    I remember only one pic with young Tsunade so far…

  18. Ideas Ninja says:

    nice pic, I do agree with linalee about the hair being too long, the end of her hair being the wrong shape amd forgeting to draw her ear in. I’m sure that as your artwork keeps improving you’ll have corected these mistakes for future pictures.

  19. linalee says:

    @Mr. Locke
    I meant the all pic with Rin and young Tsunade what Rex did in last several months

  20. someone says:

    also, i don’t know about you guys but since every other team got one i wanna see a satisfactory pic of the MAIN team of this series…team 7 (the original one) ..and before you say it has one, i’m talking not just cumshots but actual intercourse like evey other team orgy has one and like this time around i want their sensei to be present too. anyone else who agrees with me, give me a thumbs up. though as a non-member, this is just a suggestion of course.

  21. Dragon says:


    Understood, i didn’t know that rule :p

    just a doubt… anyone knows if kin tsushi is a lolli? i was waiting a stripped of her…

  22. Random Reviewer says:

    @Everyone bashing anal:

    I just did a quick scan through, so I’m probably inaccurate, but hear me out. There’s 38 blog pages, which is about 380 pictures.

    So far there’s under 70 anal pics, so if you find that you don’t like anal…well, go look at the other 300 pics. (Obviosuly some of those are Stripped, cumshot, ect…)

    But, if you took the time to look through the eyes of people who like anal, there’s not even 70 pics of that type, while people who don’t like anal have over 300 pics.

    So…haha, Rex, if you want to draw anal pics, please don’t let anyone stop you! (also remember that he draws a ton of requests, and if the request he picks chooses anal, well…that’s what he’s gonna draw. I suppose us saying “anal-this” and “vag-that” won’t really change anything if he just draws requests.)

    Anyways, I like the pic! Keep up the great work man!

  23. SweetBlow says:

    What a riot :D

    Look at *Double Treat For Rin* or *Trading Partners* for example. They look older than they are in the Anime <– Rex gave them maturing bodys, humps & tits. They seem to be 15 years old or older. I can only think of one anime-childporn-pic drawn by rex and that was *Shinobi Sexual Training* as an exception.
    So voting for Rin, Kin Tsushi and Tayuya shouldn't be a problem after all…

  24. Rexfan says:

    Jiraiya x konan

  25. Sazuke34 says:

    Thank you very much Rex, I can see perfectly how much time you spend doing this one, awesome dude!!!
    By the way, poor Hinata, XD

  26. Cavpal says:

    Why am I not surprised by this pic?
    It’s just like a recurring nightmare…

  27. wolf191000 says:

    Hello Rex, long time huh, well never mind that I just want to say this pic is both HOT and Exciting in a pervy way of-course.
    But honestly I’m not a big fan of Sasuke in fact I HATE HIM, but I’m not critezicing you make GREAT Art Work and this is no different, BRAVO.

    Also if you don’t mind I’d really love to see some more NaruIno if you please, especially if their in the 69 position, that’s my favourite. But I do remember you’ve already made one but (just hear me out) what about them doing it while Naruto’s standing up holding Ino while their doing that Sexual position. I don’t know if there’s already a different name for it but I hope you consider it PLEASE thank you and Good Luck.

  28. Jokerman123 says:

    Ass titties ass titties ass ass titties titties ass and titties!!! :D this pic is the shiiiiitttt!!! Haha good job Rex you’ve outdone yourself once again! I’m very appreciative of this site, for you have given me the most buff right hand ever!!!!

  29. darko says:

    muy buena imagen

  30. anonimo says:

    xq no asen foto yaoi y hentai me encantan

  31. victor daniel catalan III says:

    agan want a lesvica urged
    I want to see if you can get more Konan

  32. Heh nice one and the title is hilarious alongside with Kiba’s strange face expression XD

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