First Love Is Unforgettable

Posted on: February 28th, 2011 by Rex 65 Comments

Requested by Minato

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  1. Naxx says:

    Awesome pic Rex! How about you make videos of you making the pics?

  2. oceaneyes says:

    Her face looks a little weird… as well as unusually round. Also, her belly-button seems kinda high up on her. Overall she just appears a little too disproportioned…

  3. shemhazai says:

    Wow i am so happy you did this pairing, excellent suggestion minato.

    Well done rex.

    More sakura

  4. Cloud says:


  5. sandra says:

    Love it!It’s as though it came right outta the anime. :)

  6. someone says:

    Nice position, i like it. :D

  7. SweetBlow says:

    After MANY [quite] perfect pics finally something to complain :P :
    Yeah her belly-button seems to be displaced but her upper arm and her elbow are the most noticeable: You can’t draw them so thin and tiny. When you compare his elbow and hers (size) you would think hers must be two meters further away. With this arm she can’t even masturbate.
    Oh and thx for drawing Sakura, more of her!

  8. :D says:

    more sakura plz!! thi is great!

  9. ^^I love Konan says:

    Great work…awesome pairing^^ Im Happy

  10. GodOfPeace says:

    Well, yeah, I’m Glad you decided to make some pic with Sakura again, as for the main heroine, she deserves some attention too, but its true, this picture isn’t perfect, there are some mistakes here and there, but meg.. its still Hot & – as I said before – I’m glad for Sakura nonetheless.^^
    (Its just too bad that Shes with Sasuke, its cliche & boring [I hate every pairing wich inludes Sasuke anyway] but its not your fault of course.)

    Have a nice day.

  11. Anonymus says:

    well i really like that pic but sakuras breasts are too big :) anyway great job on here!

  12. Lovekiss says:

    Rex, you are the best artist of the hentai art.
    Great Work!

  13. DS says:

    Please do Anko and Zabuza

  14. Megaman says:

    The only problem that I can see with this pic is that it has sasuke in it. Otherwise amazing pic as usual

  15. Well... says:

    The arm and belly button is little displaced but there’s another thing. Every time I see this pairing I wanna find someone that looks like Sasuke and punch him in the face. I mean, Sasuke was (I mean is) a douche to Sakura, even when she confessed her love and then Sasuke even almost killed her (albeit she was trying kill him too). So despite this picture is pretty good, to me, the pairing is not. Probably gonna get some thumbs down but oh well. Rant over.

  16. Mr. Locke says:

    Gotta say…
    Their faces are weird (Sasuke looks like he is thinking: For what sins I have to do this?)BUT I like Sakura’s tits, her belly button is displaced also her arm is too thin.
    I repeat my question…
    Are you planning to draw us a lesbian orgy this month?
    Will it be possible to draw my idea with Konoha girls titled:”From Konoha with love”.
    Alot of people liked that idea… just saying.

  17. tsukotarasu says:

    Holy Crap! A pic with Sasuke that I don’t hate! Ignore the detractors rex, Sakura looks perfect in this.

  18. Ryne says:

    It’s not bad. I can’t claim to like it since Sasuke’s in it though. I loathe him.

    Anyways, the belly button does appear a tad too high, and the left arm could be made thicker, though the left arm could like like it does because it is pressed against Sasuke’s clothing.

    My only non-Sasuke related complaint is Sakura’s facial expression. It doesn’t look like she’s being pleasured to me.

  19. jong says:

    sand siblings threesome!!!

  20. narusaku says:

    i want naru<3saku pleas rex

  21. narusaku says:

    plz i need naru<3saku plz

  22. Saku lover says:

    Good pic apart from sasuke being in it, please do more pairings with Naruto like Narusaku , Naruino , Naruino . Love your work Rex

  23. Hakufu says:

    People need to stop thumbing down criticism. An artist without criticism isn’t an artist at all he or she will never improve. No one is perfect and I’m sure even though Rex is doing only hentai on this site he probably wants to improve. So thumb up the criticism so he knows it’s actually worth looking at which will give him an incentive to improve.

    Good work rex, but people have mentioned some of the flaws in this pic. But you can’t do perfect pics every time buddy!

  24. Shala says:

    Sakura x Kona for the next Time :) )))))))))

  25. 666Azazyel says:

    I’ll probably be strange one by saying it, but the thing i like the most about ur job is how u ar good to make facial expressions =D Please, do more Konan

  26. Zacra says:

    Although I hate SasuSaku with a burning passion, this is hentai, so I will not complain about that here.
    What I will say is that this picture is unbelievably hot. Great job, Rex.

  27. altharion says:

    sakura’s breasts are way too big for her ¬¬
    just my opinion :D

  28. Honič01 says:

    WOW, awesome pic! I love Sakura hentai, PLZ more Sakura pics like A Lonely Day Without Sex with Sakura! PLZ PLZ PLZ

  29. Nanami says:

    Plz more Sasuke x Sakura ! Plz !! >w<

  30. New says:

    nice pick can you do more Sasuke there are only around four pics with him in it.

  31. Spirit says:

    can you do a NaruSaku and MinaKushi pic please? call it ”Like Father Like Son” or ”Soulmates” it would be amazing. one of he best you could do for sure.

    cheers mate, great artist don’t like Sasuke and Sakura together but your one talented guy. appreciate your work.

  32. RedDragon says:

    NaruSaku is true love
    not his.

  33. Zer0 says:

    SasuSaku is true love, to all those who agree this is meant to be thumb’s up.

  34. Wtf? says:

    Seriously what is up with everyone? I don’t really get why people are bitching but. Please post more SasuSaku

  35. Illmac says:

    yeah NaruSaku for the win! its a better pairing.

  36. BlueBlitz says:

    Hate the pairing. Love the picture and position. Nice work rex.

  37. namichan says:

    bout time I’m still wondering if them two wind up toghter in the manga

  38. josh says:

    asi me encanta ver ala pareja follar y mas que sakura esta abierta me gusta mas

  39. ........ says:


  40. Zer0 says:


    Don’t worry nami they will :3 Just continue to hope. I want Sakura and Sasuke to be together forever.

  41. jester says:

    ho sasuke and sakura sexing in where? sasuke take off the clothes of sakura and he let his shirt take of and use of his penis to her mouth and after put on the vagina

  42. josh says:

    sakura sakura esta buena sasuke la disfruto me gusta porque esta abierta sakura y las tetas grandes me encanta

  43. namichan says:

    @zer0 I hope your right them two are made for each other. Are you a member on here cuz I think I seen you request pics for rex before

  44. Zer0 says:


    I did sent in some requests, like when i saw the SasuIno pic of “Lets make a baby” I sent a request to Rex asking if he could make a SasuSaku version of “Lets make a baby” all because I wanna see them get ready to bring back the Uchiha clan =]

  45. namichan says:

    @Zer0 I thought you did I was jsut looking up to see if sakura and sasuke will end up togetheri nthe naruto manga but it’s kind of obvious that they will casue he’s shown feeling towards here throughout the episodes before they started shippuden but I like the request idea you sent in great idea =)

  46. Zer0 says:

    @namichan Are you a member? if so maybe you can send in that request, make it a reality even. Sakura can be on bottom and Sasuke on top and it can be called “reviving the clan” besides Sakura needs to be on the bottom in order for the Uchiha seed to enter her womb

  47. namichan says:

    @Zer0 I would become a memeber if I had my checking account again I kept overdrawing on it and had to lcose it down which sucked for me at the time casue I didn’t find this site until afterwards but like you i’m a huge sasusaku fanand ulquihime if you have an account on bleachpixxx too the only account I actually have is on rule 34 but it’s hard to find any good sasusaku pics like they have on here -,-

  48. darker says:

    ah sakura is one of the best have to take very same dick in pussy

  49. Anonymous says:

    i wish we have some sakura hentai games

  50. Anonymous says:

    hey please can you make sakura blowjobs naruto when she makes the confession for him

  51. lilly morano says:

    i would see mush picture about sasuke because i think he is very important in this story (picture like when he was with uzumaki kushina he was really sexy and beautiful)!!!

  52. SasuSaku4eva says:

    This pic made me soooo happy ^__^
    More sasusaku,they are soooo HOT together <3

  53. SasuSaku4eva says:

    they are sooo HOT together!!!
    this pic is makeing me sooo happy ^///^
    more SasuxSaku

  54. Zer0 says:

    @SasuSaku4ever Indeed they are hot together, I’m hoping there making children in this pic since Sakura wont care if she becomes pregnant.

  55. SasuSaju4ever says:

    @Zer0 i hope she will get pregnant :D

  56. Zer0 says:

    @SasuSaku4Ever I think the entire fanbase wants that, even me. They should rebuild the clan

  57. Sorrowful Hand says:

    MY GOD! I wish I was under her. Good job Rex.

  58. bign says:

    she look kind of off

  59. sasusaku4ever says:

    i hate narusaku i love sasusaku

  60. sasusaku4ever says:

    i hate narusaku !!!!!!!!!

  61. SASUSAKU SUCKS says:

    fuck u all sasu saku sucks sasuke is such a gay piece a crap i say hes gay cuz he FUCKING REJECTS EVERY GIRL naru saku is better at least naruto would like it sasuke likes dick

  62. Ino titfuck says:

    @SASUSAKU SUCKS why don’t you go suck your mom’s transexual dick you asshole!

  63. Fine says:

    I love this!!!

    It’s amazing !

    I was so happy to be a SasuSaku fan

    Hope more pictures are like this More SasuSaku

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