Mothers Gift

Posted on: May 11th, 2011 by Rex 55 Comments

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  1. hi says:

    nice work rexy

  2. sasuke says:

    esta bueno la imagen recomiendo que la vean esta hot y mikoto esta mas nuena

  3. josh says:

    that ass of mikoto

  4. derpis says:

    Rex…you never cease to amaze me!Thanks for all your hard work! :D

  5. josh says:

    okay mikoto´s ass

  6. nick says:

    oh hell yea, thank you rex for lifting the mothers day spirit

  7. ??? says:

    job well done as always rex, it might not be what some people were expecting but who cares, we asked and you deliverd

  8. nick says:

    excellently done, it was worth the wait

  9. Darkus says:

    Yeah, I think we can leave you confident about the image of Mother’s Day…………… Although for my sasuke the other, I must admit it has been your best work from the last photos……….. Now we just keep hoping that the next image will be of Saara.

  10. Suggester says:

    Well, this is kind of a letdown considering that there were many gaps in between updates lately. This isn’t really a special pic, it’s just like any another hentai pic (besides the girl being the lovely Mikoto, of course). I have to say though, you’ve been focusing much on Mikoto. There’s been one pic of her each week for the last three weeks which is actually pretty big for a character that was killed off and doesn’t have fanboys asking for her nonstop (Hinata and Sakura). It actually would’ve been a lot nicer if you just combined “Uchihacest” with this one to make an Uchiha Mother’s Day Threesome. Oh, well, at least we actually got something for Mother’s Day, even if it was two days late. Keep up the good work and please do my request soon! :)

  11. Chaos says:

    Mikotos ass makes my day. Rex ur the best!!

  12. katienator says:

    nah man this should have been itachi’s time a yes not so many pictures ago it was him and the lovely mikoto but i think sasuke has enought pictures over itachi

  13. Jumbo says:

    Pretty good. But don’t forget the love for BOOBIES!!! ppl wanna see them delicious jugs :P

  14. Billy says:

    YAY!!! Mikoto!!!

  15. GodOfPeace says:

    “yay Mikoto” Indeed! After so much Kushina, She deserves as much.:] The best thing would be a lesbian pic with them.;] I hope there’s a request for that as well.

    About the pic itself: Mikoto is super sexy as always! You made on her a briliant job to the smallest details, but, unfortunately I just can’t stand any hentai which has Sasuke in it.:S Its an instant turn off for me, and there was already one with sasuke & his mother. But of course, its probably just me, so despite sasuke’s presence; Great Job R e x ! & this whole ‘Mothers day’ bonus pic thing is very appreciated from you!

    I just really hope now, that the next will be truly a Saara pic!*.*

  16. Christine says:

    yaaaay miko’s been getting more attention lately, well it’s only fair considering she’s gotta try catching up to kushina since they’re ‘rivals’ and such lol. ;P it’s just a pity karura didn’t make an appearance for this mother’s day.but all in all the pic is excelent (as usual)! :D

  17. It'sMyLife says:

    that’s hot!! hey guys i know im not a member,but can someone ask Rex to make some SasuSaku pics ??? sweet please with cherry on top? ^_^ they are like The most populer couple in naruto and there is only 3 pics of the together on this site,like Wth? Sasuke was with his mom (looking at them like this is kinda wrong…but it’s sooo hot,that’s why i like it ) and Hinata(don’t really like her :/) a lot more.

    ps ask 4 Mikoto and Fugaku ♥ ^^

  18. Mr. Locke says:

    NOW that is proper mother’s gift indeed…
    I agree that it should be threesome with Itachi, Sasuke and her but this is ok too. Thank you for this, it’s really appreciated ;-)

  19. Hey Angel says:


  20. fawz says:

    A lonely day without sex Naruko or Tsunade maybe sakura ?

  21. Synyster says:

    Super hot pic, keep it up :)
    P.S l see we’re growing as a group with no one being pissy about sasuke being in the pic :)

  22. Mr. Locke says:

    Read all comments one more time.. there was pissing about his presence.

  23. sanji says:

    It’s the fucking weird: a few months ago many who groaned “We need VARIETY!” but now now when Rex draw every week pic for Kushina or Mikoto the variety already needn’t anyone, why? Especially when is alot girls very long time not was drawn :Ayame Mabui Tsunade Chikushodo Hana Shion Yugito Amaru etc And how about Fukka ? Already almost year not was any image for her How about new faces here: Sara Yoshino Nara Sasame
    So us still need variety or already not?

  24. TheSinful says:

    Um no. The most popular Naruto pairing (judging by how many fanfics each pairing has) is Naruto and Sasuke.

    And what’s with all the Sakura and Hinata picturs. Sure they’re hot (well Hinata is anyway), but fuck! Sakura (49) and Hinata’s (46) categories are only topped by Akatsuki (59), a category that can have any of 10 frickin people, and Konohagakure (119), a category that can have any of roughly 50 people.

    How about more Yuugao (4 pictures), Yugito (3), Shiho (2), or Tsume (1)? How about Tsunami from the Wave arc? Or Yoshino Nara? Hell, young Koharu will appear in the anime soon, how about some pics of her?

  25. memerk says:

    lonely day without sex Hinata Pixxx please do it REX.

  26. caluto says:

    Very good ,i would like one of Naruto and Kushina. For those who do not know ,size images garande are in ,naruto pixxx poringan complete

  27. GodOfPeace says:

    @TheSinful & @sanji: Why are you so surprised & freaked out on this matter ? It’s so self-evident that R e x draws much more pics with more popular girls in it. Most of the member requests are also about these girls. But even like this, R e x always makes some with rare chars in it, every now and then.

    So, I think you should’nt complain too much about this. You will see much more, with th popular girls in the future as well, since, they’re popular.:P

    @Synyster: I’m “pissed” about Sasuke’s presence.:P But I’ve got a lot thumbs down, so it means most of you are glad about him.;P

  28. Synyster says:

    @Mr Locke
    Fair enough, there’s alot less then usually though

  29. Synyster says:

    @God of Peace
    It’s not that we’re glad about him it’s the fact that most people don’t give a shit about the guy only the girl really matters haha

  30. Anonymous says:

    anyone notice that this looks similiar to the sakura and madara pic?

  31. sanji says:

    @God of Peace
    It’s so self-evident that R e x draws much more pics with more popular girls in it. Most of the member requests are also about these girls. Seriously?
    The most requested girls in SB is:
    And definetly not Mikoto Tayuya Karin and others but if to look on images what was made a last month couldn’t say about it in this way, right? By the way in SB there’s a lot requests for Ayame Tsunade Hana Mabui Shion Yugao Chikushodo at least not less than for Mikoto Tayuya Karin Kurotsuchi but where is images with them?
    And last When R E X are make more pics for Sakura Hinata Ino many who begIn groan about variety and images with these girls became much less but when R E X make more pics for some mommies no one even don’t try to remember about variety. It’s fucking weird, right?

  32. Cavpal says:

    Mikoto is hot,
    Sasuke is not.

  33. Cronos says:

    request anyone pic with Guren?
    Guren is too so cute. :)

  34. LM says:

    Dunno if anyone feels the same, but given the improvement in your art since it was posted, I for one would love to see a remake of sorts of the Mothers Day pic with Kushina, Mikoto and Karura. Maybe like as a bonus next Mothers day or something

  35. fan :) says:


    Some of these characters do not appear because rex doesn’t draw characters that haven’t been in the anime yet (anymore)

  36. Lawman09 says:

    Love it! A SasukexMikoto pic is always nice. But I’d like to see more of it. Including NarutoxKushina and GaaraXKarura.

    I also would like to see more NaruHina. Well, I guess that’s just me though…

    Anyways, would anyone ever want to see MadaraxMito? MinatoxMikoto? Or SasukexNaruko?

    Well, guys?

  37. Christine says:

    @Lawman09 there already was a mikotoxminato one, but meh, more is always welcome. :P

  38. Lawman09 says:

    @Christine Yeah, I know. And thanks for both comments. :)

    I also noticed that Rex used the same background for that MadaraxSakura pic. Nice, Rex!

  39. mikoto!!! says:

    Shit, I came all over the computer, Mikoto!

  40. mikoto!!! says:

    And that ass… I’d never get tired of spanking that thing, and fucking it.

  41. HentaiLover says:

    Sakura-lonely day without sex Please!
    ps nice pic R-e-x ;)

  42. Over9000 says:

    eh Rex tis is great and all but you know we got a Mikoto-Sasuke already. how great it would have been to have both Itachi and Sasuke giving their dear ol Mother a great Mothers Day “Gift” you know?

  43. ,,\/, ^-^ ,\/,, says:

    pleasure on her face, not surprise…that’s why this is getting low ratings

  44. sanji says:

    @,,\/, ^-^ ,\/,,
    Open your eyes. the all latest pics exept Kono/Hana is getting so low ratings and this because what many members is annoyed and angry lately and they have alot reasons for this

  45. 6sony says:

    Hi Could I give you how fucking Kakuzu

  46. LM says:

    Yes because 4/5 is a low rating -_-

  47. namichan says:

    I luv sasukes face turns me on but guys are rating low cuz of mikots faccial expression but if I were her I’d be screaming and slamming on sasuke he’s a hottie

  48. SasuSaku4ever says:

    Luv it
    Dude,we haven’t saw SasukeSakura in AGES…. :/
    SasuSaku next plsssss

  49. Mr. Locke says:

    41 pictures ago was a pic with this pair…
    On February 28th to be exact.

  50. katienator says:

    well might be a stupid idea but why re-issue this picture remade with itachi added to the mix

  51. Sasuke-Darkness says:

    because they do a quartet, Naruto with Mikoto
    and Sasuke with Kushina ^^

  52. salizzle says:

    Awesome, rex! I think the best way to describe Sasuke’s facial expression is… peaceful. Hot!

  53. ItachiLover says:

    I just love Sasuke’s facial expression in this one awesome job REX

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