Forming Taka

Posted on: June 28th, 2011 by Rex 37 Comments

Requested by Naru-Fun

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  1. Mr.Joe says:

    Nice position!

  2. Christine says:

    shouldn’t the title be “forming TAKA”? XP
    anyway, pretty good pic, for some reason, it kinda reminds me of the “kunoichi must be very flexible series”.

  3. tobitobi says:

    Wow! You made Sasuke look really bad! Either you can’t draw the guy right or you really don’t want to! So, which is it?

  4. Damn says:

    this pic was such a shock to me…i got a heart atack… SasuKarin… BUU!!!
    SasuSaku FTW!!! but i appreciate ur work Rex :)

  5. Ronal Gallegos says:

    Se me paro la verga :)

  6. Christine says:

    @Rex well it’s good to be self-critical, and yeah no matter how good someone is, there is always room for improvement i guess. That’s why i said practicaly perfect, cause i’ve never seen someone whose pics are so similar to the actual anime/manga. :D

  7. Sorrowful Hand says:

    DAAMN that’s a nice shot u rock man

  8. Mr. Locke says:

    This pair is just boring…

  9. Suggester says:

    Question: Which do you like this pairing?

    Like: Yes Dislike: No

  10. Suggester says:

    Whoops, erase the “Which” in my previous comment.

  11. fan :) says:

    nice one, though karin’s clit looks like a brush stroke, it’s blurry and flat

  12. SweetBlow says:

    Too much blush in my opinion. Well propably it seems like it because of her red hair.
    Really hot and well done pic. Background is great and all of your sofa pics are awesome :)

    There really should be some pics, were girls dominate boys. Girl on top and she is doing the work while he is relaxing for example.
    We also lack girlxboyxgirl-pics and lesbian pics.

    Keep it up r.e.x

  13. Lawman09 says:

    This is great!

  14. Sazuke34 says:

    Awesome dude!

  15. Zacra says:

    Excellent job yet again, Rex!

  16. MagicMan says:

    Lately, I’ve been really interested in Karin, so its awesome to see her show up when I least expected it. Looks great Rex!

  17. TheReaper says:

    Man great pic even if it’s not my favorite pairing i still really like the pic. Great job Rex!

  18. Cavpal says:

    My only problem with this pic: Sasuke.
    Other than the douchebag, it’s a great artwork.

  19. Hey Angel says:

    nice pic karin looks sexy sasuke looks hot

  20. KarinFuckBuddy says:

    Mmmmm… Karin :) jizz

  21. kieron says:

    You mean Hebi.

  22. naru-uzu says:

    your job is awesome rex congratulations

    for those who want i have got a proposition

    kushina and tsunade kushina lick a pussy of tsunade

  23. Doujin says:

    thank you rex this is cool

  24. Harry Potter says:

    Rex .. excellent job!

    Sasuke x Tayuya ^^

  25. AntiKarin says:

    Good pic…but Karin ruined it :P
    Sasuke is HOT!

  26. ImIntoYou says:

    Nice :D
    Could someone ask 4 Sakura and Sasuke?

  27. god of doom says:

    Guys STOP COMPLAINING ON HOW YOU HATE SASUKE IT IS ANNOYING AS FUCK!But rex isnt sasukes right am supposed to bigger at the top and lower going down.NICE PIC

  28. hanamaru says:

    sasuke in his pashion of sex

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