Posted on: September 14th, 2013 by Darwin 23 Comments
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  1. poop says:

    oooooooooooooo kkkkkkkkkkk whats going on here

  2. scared says:

    This is disgusting, I’ve fapped to some weird stuff but I draw the line here, no thanks.

  3. Big Smoke says:

    Tsunade and Disguised Orochimaru have the same voice actor in the english dub.

  4. minato104 says:

    Tsunade looks pretty good but I think you ruined the picture with that tranny looking orochimaru. if you ask me just not a good character to draw in the transformation jutsu. it’s a shame because it’s one of your rare really high quality pics

  5. Poij says:

    I like this picture because tsunade is fucking hot!look at these tits..

  6. Nescamoe says:

    I like the idea. A girl fucking another girl with a strapon is hot!!! But please leave strapon pics to Rex because there are very few and the quality of this one is just ok.

  7. Joe Grizzly says:

    Tsunade is perfect, just perfect; Orochimaru is nigthmare inducing as always

  8. ilikerex says:

    darwin, your drawing level is better, i’m glad

  9. ilikerex says:

    you should tag the sex position too :)

  10. Kasuk says:

    Forgetting Oro for a second since people while be split whether they like him or not. I just wanted to comment on quality.

    From one of your original critics, I think this pic of Tsunade is your best drawing to date. High quality. Glad I didn’t cancel that subscription. Keep improving. I know I’m looking forward to you drawing Sakura with this quality.

  11. Cal says:

    Darwin your art is really inconsistent

  12. Johny says:

    What the actual fuck here?

  13. Xetalon says:

    Who’s the retard who ask that ? I hate Orochimaru in this form, this guy(haem woman hereā€¦) always piss me off.

  14. haruno.jeanne says:

    We need rex back,I miss so much him,where he goes?

  15. piku says:

    I just wait for a pic from rex …

  16. SweetBlow says:

    What happened to rex? :/

  17. Naruzuiha says:

    I’m loving tsunade-sans so much those big Tities a strong woman like her can have cu she can take the “D”
    btw it says requested by Darwin? Himself

  18. Mr. Shades says:

    where is rex?

  19. SCARLET says:

    Jesus, that Orochimaru will give me nightmares.

  20. Derp says:

    dat sexy oro

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