Boobjutsu(Yugito Nii)

Posted on: July 5th, 2014 by Rex 28 Comments

Requested by Spulse


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  1. oturan says:

    even if you dont like the character you got to respect how good those tits look

  2. Jear says:

    Great pic, Yugito is a pretty girl and her tits looks good

  3. roshi says:

    wow those tits have gave my dick a heart beat.

  4. Mizu says:

    Love this art !

  5. a????69 says:

    Great pic more boobjobs please they good art

  6. Xeos says:

    All my yes.

  7. Guest says:

    Fap fap fap

  8. julia34 says:

    I dont understand why Rex pics gets rate 3! To me all his pics are 5! Darwin dont draw equal original manga and change the colors and get rate more then Rex!! This pic are super hot!!!

  9. SweetBlow says:

    The two remaining linearts got coloured guys ;)

  10. xxx says:

    Love that art (amazing boobjutsu buy yugito) fap

  11. oturan says:

    how in the hell does this pic have anything under 5 stars its perfect one of the best pics i have seen in awhile i would prefer a different character but its still a awesome pic it seems like people are just starting to hate rex which makes no fucking sense he rarely makes mistakes and when he does they arent anything major hes the best artist any pixxx site has i know this wont mean anything since im not even a paying member but rex leaves i leave there wouldnt be any point in coming here if rex wasnt here narutopixxx has become his site it wouldnt be the same without him

    • Kiddo says:

      The ratings are below 5 because the guy getting the paizuri (titty fucking) is black.

      There is a black guy enjoying pleasures from a lighter-skinned woman.

      This is where the lower ratings come from. Not because Rex’s art quality.

      • sayian says:

        sounds like alot butthurt

      • Chase says:

        Well, yeah… There are so many black on white pictures it’s not even funny. It was nice at first, but now it’s annoying.

        • oturan says:

          who gives a shit i personally just focus on the girls i dont care whos dick they are sucking i prefer specific pairings but im not childish enough to have a problem with the skin color if the fact that theres a black guy in the pic really is the problem this just proves what i have been saying for a long time that this site is filled with children

  12. Defuck says:

    Are Darwin still work on NarutoPixxx or he have done from this site? Seriously after this shuffling experiment he almost stop drawing here.

  13. oturan says:

    wow big cock

  14. Roushi says:

    Hello sorry for bothering but i have a problem that i don’t know how to solve,i’m a member and i posted my request but still after more than 1 week it dosen’t show up in the suggestion box
    if i try to repost it i get duplicate comment detected,i also tried to post a different one but it still dosen’t show up.
    i don’t know if this is just my problem but i don’t think so,not sure if this is the problem but could it be the fact that i posted a link to an image in my request?
    i noticed that from 1 week there are only request without link while before it was full of request with link to image
    hope that someone can help me,thank you.

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