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Posted on: November 19th, 2014 by Darwin 54 Comments

Requested by Chen This is kinda weird, but funny.  

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  1. AdamSinger says:

    What ? if he were to do it this way, you ought to have placed female version of him with another woman not you think ?

  2. AdamSinger says:

    what? if he were to do it this way, you ought to have placed the female version of him with another woman not you think?

  3. Bloodseeker says:

    Female Itachi, Seriously ? What’s next Fem Gai and Jiraiya or maybe male Sakura Hinata Tsunade or human version of Gamabunta Kurama or Pakkun ? Do you wanna say in this story not enough a real females characters ?
    It’s so funny Darwin you able draw some stuff that doesn’t exist in this story but in the same time you do not able to draw of any pic for some a real female character (although you are NP artist over two years) even if some member keep asking it almost two years

  4. Jear says:


  5. WhiteVastNinja says:


  6. yami says:

    i like the idea but the face looks way too much like the regular itachi it looks more like itachi after a sex change operation than a female version of him i mean atleast narutos sexy jutsu looks like it could be his sister or something but when i look at this all i see is itachi getting fucked by kisame

  7. Bumbo says:

    I like, more plz

  8. Groot says:

    Fem Itachi? Why boner

  9. Nemunemunemu says:


  10. didi12 says:

    Uhmmm, what the fuck?

  11. Kevin says:

    Very bad joke

  12. Sotona says:

    Haaa, GAY!

  13. noname says:

    I have the weirdest boner right now…

  14. xxxgy says:

    what is this i can’t look at itachi the same way again!

  15. tsukutarasu says:

    Chen, you owe me a new shirt. I just threw up on myself.

  16. Fucking gay and disgusting! Yuck!

  17. Deidarax69 says:

    Creo que este es el sueño de Kisame LOL!

  18. Perverted Man says:

    I want my boner back

    Oh and Darwin if you’re making some gender swap, I suggest you put Fem-Itachi or any name in general tags

  19. Und keine eier says:

    I have to agree that this is a bit weird, but Itachi does make a sexy woman. Hell, he already looks like one anyways, so all there’s left to do is add boobies and a vagina and bam, there’s hardly any difference. The genderbent Orochimaru pixxx was the strangest in my opinion even if it is canon, though.

  20. Shinji says:

    :v faks
    itachi learn it from naruto hahaha

  21. Kilido says:

    genjutsu……is weird now

  22. Chase says:

    I don’t know if I can fap to this, but I sure as hell going to try

  23. Otaku.nr0 says:

    The first time i have seen a Gender Bender version of itachi
    I like it

  24. Guest says:

    This is disturbing.

  25. Otaku Nr0 says:

    It’s the First Time i have Seen a Gender Bender Version of itachi nice work :)
    I like it

  26. a1101 says:

    Nice pic I hope that you show us more like naruto x jiraiya and rock lee x guy or sasuke x kakashi

  27. OtakuNr0 says:

    Nice pic it’s the First Time i have an Gender Bender Version of itachi. I like it

  28. OtakuNr0 says:

    Nice pic it’s the First Time i have an Gender Bender Version of itachi.
    I like it

  29. dndguy says:

    people are alright with genderbent naruto, incest, and almost everything under the sun, but are not ok with genderbent itachi.

    we are in 2015 soon, grow up :/

  30. WhiteVastNinka says:

    ok I don’t like this either but…you guys will take Naruko(girl Naruto) but yall hate this…so easy to expose you hypocrite frauds. How in the fuck do you guys like naruko but hate any other boy as a girl…is it because yall are Naruto fags or what somebody plz explain the hipocrite shit to me come damage control it I beg you. Man this community is retarded.

    • Leonidus1989 says:

      I dunno, personally i dont go for the naruko pics because…. thats kinda weird to me. but i guess i since its itachi i think alot of people dont like it just because he has always had that bad ass image going for him, and… well… to be getting fucked by freaky fish guy is just…. bwaaaaaaaah (hank hill noises).

  31. Kinda confused says:

    I don’t even…

  32. dndguy says:

    love it. need more :D

  33. Westes says:

    Whatever you’re into, Chen.

    I won’t judge you.

  34. OtakuNr.1 says:

    Nice work. It’s the first time i have seen a Gender bender Version from Itachi on this site.
    I like it

  35. aniopqwekopwke1997asfmeh says:

    fucking gayyyy

  36. sayian says:

    wtf…the only gender bend ill accept is naruto, kohonamaru and orochi because its canon. or haku whose an exception due to his extreme femalish similarities that even naruto himself got turned on. but this is just too far fetch and a bone killer.

  37. RebelKomodo says:

    Haters gonna hate I guess? Even though this pic kinda brings back bad memories for… personal reasons, it’s pretty hot.

  38. That Guy says:

    Actually not bad so don’t worry about the other fuckheads.if naruto can gendernend why can’t he?

  39. Sasuke -fms- says:

    Female version for male characters? For real?

  40. Kuwabara says:

    Well my biggest problem with this pic is: it’s looks like tranny yaoi
    Fem Naruto Konohamaru and even Orochimaru looks more different and feminine while this is just Itachi without his pronounced tear-troughs on face but with big boobs like just fucking tranny gay, jeez even crossdresser Neji from “Naruto SD” looks much more similar to girl than this so called female Itachi from, and from this angle yaoi-effect getting only stronger If Darwin found this idea enough good to take his time then at least try to put more efforts to improved this weird decision.
    Also needs to say that now when rule # 5. “Ask for characters that has already appeared on the anime or the movie.” was shot down and seems “Strictly NO YAOI” too, so how about start work with crossover ideas and forget about rule #6 “Don’t ask for crossovers” ?
    And how about bring here the real hardcore stuff like BDSM, double penetration and orgy finally? It’s was a while when last time you draw something like that Maybe you are rex doesn’t know but by far not every member here paying money to seeing only overdose of classic, oral, solo and lesbian things

  41. SomePeople says:

    Da fuck?! It’s absolutely yaoi and weird

  42. Daemon says:


  43. Umadbro says:

    WOOOOW. so you people are cool with incest and lesbians. But a gender bent character that looks a little similar to the canon one causes a bunch of hissy fits? Why don’t you take 6-8 hours out of your day to draw something and have a bunch of people hate on it. Grow. Up. Not everything is going to fit to your liking deal with it. More pictures come out almost everyday…. Also keep in mind there are girls who like this site, but you don’t see them bitching over the yuri.

    • yami says:

      if i took time out of my day to draw something thats shitty i would completely understand if i got hate for it i dont mind gender bending i mean naruko is one of the hottest girls in naruto i just dont like when it looks almost exactly like the regular character like i already said atleast naruko looks like it could be narutos sister or something this just looks like itachi after a sex change operation theres a huge difference for me between making a female version of a male character and just drawing the male character with boobs and thats what this is the narutopixxx community i would assume is mostly straight men so making a pic that just looks like 2 guys fucking probably wont appeal to alot of people we are fine with incest and lesbians because that shit is hot chicks with dicks are just disgusting and again its not the gender bend itself that is bothering people its just the fact that this looks like regular itachi with boobs get rex to do it and im sure it will get a better reaction

      • Thatonegirl says:

        So if you saw two female family members fucking, it would be hot for you? Or what if your father fucked you or your mother? Is that hot? And this is not shitty, probably something better than you could ever do. Why don’t you go and make a better version yourself if it’s that bad?

  44. Unity says:

    Gave me a binder don’t mind it’s hi as a chick wouldn’t wank over him as a guy but she looks hot as a chick

  45. Amaterasu user says:

    you needed to make his face more feminist if you were trying to make a gender bender of a naruto character. The only thing that have been changed is that his boobs and ass has gotten bigger, but he doesn’t look more feminine. or I like the idea of it. Remember that to the next time you will try this idea out again. :)

    Naruko that is a gender bender of Naruto is a good example of how it should be done. Maybe you can get some inspiration from that character.

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