16_Assview Karin(Gaiden)

Assview Karin(Gaiden)

Posted on: November 22nd, 2015 by Rex 27 Comments

Requested by KZM


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  1. AlexIS says:

    Does I’m only one member who can’t open the queue list here and constantly get Database error when trying to do it?

  2. Dantus says:

    Thats one delicious looking asshole and pussy!

  3. Erpoke says:

    OMFG DUDE !!!

    DJDJDJDKN^$*$;”:#€×:@/HDJ…ahem sorry for my epileptic fit…

    This karins ass is so BONERIFIC !! No other word to say it. And this hair cut makes her even hotter like the first one called “Adults like it rough”. I would kill to hammer this godess-of-loves butt. Just well proportioned even to the finest details. Can t understand if someone give another score than 5/5, either gay or jealous to not have his pixxx on time or douchebag. Great Mas-ter-piece !

  4. Zarak says:

    I haven’t commented in a long time, but screw it.
    I just find it so pathetic that people or the one who requested this piece are so obsessed with the dubstep talentless trash, but instead of keeping it to themselves, they have been trying to “dubstep-fy” everything…they’ve become a similar nuisance like the Sonicf*gs and the Ponyf*gs.
    Which is annoying to the rest who doesn’t want to be involved in those crappy trends, which reflects my exact problem with this piece…everything else about it is gorgeous aside from the sh*tty dubstep cut.
    Now I suggest you dubstep fanboys hit the dislike button on my post because you don’t possess neither the sufficient maturity nor wisdom to deal with something called “opinions”.
    PS: your art is still awesome Rex, never change pal :D

  5. I Can't Think Of A Name says:

    Assview Skrillex

  6. If you dislike this you're gay says:

    great picture

  7. ph34r11 says:

    Great drawing, don’t like the shaved hair though/:

  8. Moody Bin says:

    4,5 months from the last pixxx with Rin… rex pls!

  9. hanz22 says:

    Her new hair is just terrible.

  10. huehuehue says:

    Hinata and Boruto (? please

  11. fuck you says:

    hey rex what about an “orgy” with sakura and karin forcing sasuke to have sex with them ?
    I know people here don’t likes sasuke but at least canon supports this because it’s said by karin himself her traveled with sakura and sasuke and in sasuke’s novel sakura says her is going follow sasuke don’t matter what he says and for real both sakura and karin are obssesed with sasuke and probably would make anything he says for they do but since he don’t like pussys they had to force him lol
    the tittle could be “who do you want to be the mother of you kid ?”

  12. Dubstep says:


  13. KRMeiterumilover23 says:

    Excellent. More, more.

  14. fuckkk says:

    WTF is wrong with people in this site ? LoL I just got 27 deslikes in my comment lmfao
    sometimes seems like this site if full of butthurt ns fans who even after a whole year still can’t deal with the fact at end sakura only wanted sasuke and his dick

    • Lol says:

      Lol, you’re the one who sounds butthurt lolol!

    • HowAboutNo says:

      To be honest, I’ve never seen a community so toxic. I treat this site as a fap material once in a while. They treat it like a piece of art that’s gonna be sold for millions in a few centuries.
      Just ignore them. Shitstains will remain shitstains.

  15. sharingan says:

    good for masturbating

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