16_Now I Want To Test Your Second Hole
Posted on: November 24th, 2015 by Rex 21 Comments
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Requested by Redut

21 Responses

  1. Erpoke says:

    Yes Temari, Yes Adult Temari, yes incest, yes that ass, yes that position, yes Rex’ skills. More Temari bitch, more Rex !!

  2. Natanek says:

    We have good Shikamaru and Temari picture drawn by rex… And it’s only 2.90 because what? No incest? No pedophilia?

    • Amaterasu user says:

      It’s Shikadai (their son) and not Shikamaru. So it’s both Incest and Pedophilia. It’s hard to see difference, but that dude haven’t earrings (that Shikamaru got from Asuma) so that’s √łke of the few difference. ^^

  3. night42 says:

    I was ready to say Shikamaru looked like a child when i saw Shikadai on the tags

  4. TheDoc says:

    Temari’s face is a little bit strange but in general it’s a good pic. Thank you Rex.

  5. julia34 says:

    “The art is great!” This we cannot complain! But, this pics are actually are always the same position or same essence! Last pic of Shikamaru is that same position…here, what we are seeing is literary a copy!
    And obviously this is not Rex fault, because is not he who make requests!

  6. Edwardnewgate says:

    Whats that I required Hinata on high heels rex i will fire you!

  7. Edwardnewgate says:

    Somebody hacked the pixxx wheres my high heels?

  8. Me says:

    What the f?

  9. Haku says:

    Dunno what’s with the anal these days but Temari looks awesome :D

  10. Steven says:

    HOTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!

  11. Tsundred says:

    Looks like Shikamaru went full retard on meth

  12. WhiteVastNinja says:

    Lol to the all the dumbasses that think that’s Shikamaru

  13. Juggernaut says:

    another lame failcest

  14. Redut says:

    Thank you very very much rex-sama for making my request That’s simply glorious art

  15. Naruzuiha says:

    Holy love temari is so fuckable very sexy n hot as an adult I know hats her son but wow like why do users even want kids culinary their moms on here haha still an outstanding pose love temari like that

  16. Amaterasu user says:

    Welcum to narutopixxx – community Shikadai Nara! :D

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