15_Sunagakure Blonde Holiday
Posted on: December 16th, 2015 by Rex 12 Comments
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Requested by Gallinko

12 Responses

  1. legacy says:

    Fantastic choice of girls, though Temari’s breasts could be bigger.

  2. John P. says:

    What a beautiful picture <3 Temari <3 My favorite <3

  3. julia34 says:

    Pretty Sand Girls! Temari and Sen are fantastic!
    Would be so hot Uzumaki Naruto x Uzumaki Mito Christmas pic!
    “Gifts to the Future”!

  4. AlexIS says:

    So Lexus on Fanpixxx is just another kind of teasing or rumors from HK to keep the interes of HK members to not cancel their memberships, right ?
    Interesting where is lexus right now ? Probably he’s very busy to creating another art to whentai

  5. zorro says:

    still no kushina!

  6. erpoke says:

    Excellent art Rex, your pic is just perfect. But, even if it depends on requester’s choice, I dont want to see Temari in this kind of boring scenes, I’d like to see Temari in some more hardcore action like the previous ones. She deserves some DP or bukakke or any position the bitch deserves. and I agree with “legacy”, her breasts should be bigger

  7. |O_O| says:

    awesome :O

  8. Gallinko says:

    That’s too fucking hot to be a just routine Christmas gift Hot chicks from hot desert
    Thank you very much rex

  9. KRMeiterumilover23 says:

    Yeah! Very sexy, really a good job.

  10. Amaterasu user says:

    Nice one!!

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