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Here's something I thought of doing regarding the 'repetitive character' request thing: whenever an image for a specific character gets done five times within a span of 2 weeks (maybe per artist?), any request with that character will be skipped for the next 5 days then requests for that character gets resumed after that. Just so we can break the repetitiveness by a bit. For example: Given that I've already done 3 Hinatas last week, if I do 2 more Hinatas this week, the next 5 posts won't be Hinata images. Take note this is just my suggestion and I've yet to pitch this idea to the admin. Let me know what you guys think if this idea makes any sense. (also take note that I'm not exclusively doing requests for Narutopixxx, so this also depends mainly on the request list for me. But if it so happens I get multiple Naruto requests, this may be a rule I could do.) Thanks! And yes, the coders are already working on a way members can view the queue list for each artist so they'll know which request is done and which on is being done. I'll have an update here when it's ready.

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  1. slyfer101 says:

    Not really a problem on my end, given that I usually only request the lesser known characters (The Taki Kunoichi trio, the Iwa Kunoichi, Naori Uchiha, etc). I usually only request the common characters for special pics like on Halloween, Christmas, or something really unique.
    I think its a fairly good idea. Pitch it Joe.
    Also, any idea when the request I made for you about the Taki Kunoichi trio will be done? I’m not rushing you, just curious where I am in the queue.

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    • Joe says:

      I think I already saw your request. Not sure how soon I’ll be able to do it yet but I’ll look it up again to see how far you are on the queue.

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  2. Alien says:

    Do whatever it takes to get rid of that ugly Alien.

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  3. Neko-chan says:

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    • Joe says:

      I’m not sure you quite get it though. ALL the previous rules I mentioned STILL applies. This one is just a ‘proposed’ addendum to those rules. The only reason I proposed this is in the spirit of fairness as not all members are obviously not Hinata fans and I’m thinking of a way to satisfy both Hinata peeps and non-Hinata peeps. So the idea is for example, in a week it just so happened that all my posts are Hinata posts – My suggestion is for the next 5 posts, I skip any following Hinata requests then resume doing them chronologically after my 5th non-Hinata post. So it works out alternatingly like 5 posts are Hinata then the next 5 posts are non-Hinata and so on. Note that this applies to ANY character and not just ‘Hinata’. It just so happens that she’s the most posted character lately. Again, this is not something I will do unless we get some form of consensus on that idea.

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  4. Jijio says:

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    • Joe says:

      No. You did not. Read the post again and maybe you’ll get it correctly the next time. And besides, that was just a proposed idea. I’m not gonna do it if members don’t agree with it, of course.

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  5. Sweep says:

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  6. Animeseven says:

    This is a good propose, but will not work properly, because, as you can see, Rex delay so much to post the requests. And yours (at least to me), do not appear! It’s a shame, but this site is just decreasing more and more. Few pics in a month in all pixxx sites. Robert abandoned apparently. I think Claudius and you, are the only ones really working! February of last year I posted three requests to Rex and even asking all the time, one of those three until now, I’m ignored! I hate complaining, because I paid for this and as I an expired member, I cannot see if my request is on, in the queue list…the system and the commitment are the problems here! I hope you get better, because the art is really impressive!

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  7. Don says:

    how about not more than 2 pics of the same character every month? There are tons of request for other characters and doing 5 Hinata pics > 5 other girls > 5 Hinata means the site will consists 50% of Hinata…

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  8. Chuck says:

    Itachi x Konan pls

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  9. JolyRoger4 says:

    Can you look mines up too? I think I was number 4 before they moved you last time.

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  10. mezzolunna says:

    I got your point but it won’t be work as you expect, people who want more the variety want the variety only for this site like less pics for Hinata and more pics for Sakura, Ino Tsunade Kushina etc, they doesn’t cares of others pixxxes. But seems you gonna draw more pics for others site to draw less pics for Hinata here, but it’s won’t help a lot because people will be ignore your non-Naruto pics, Hinata still will be the most overused character at Narutopixxx so people will be bitching and crying doesn’t matter what and as bonus, members whomade requests for Hinata, will be bitching too like “Where is my request, why I must wait longer than others, and something like that.
    Also some most smatasses members will be make requests to Lexus and Rex and then they will be ruin the raiting of pics for some characters and bitching at the comments thread to teach you what you should draw less and what you should draw more. Maybe it’s not my deal deal, but as for me, people who made their requests to others artists and find you not good enough to their ideas, have no right to tell you what you should to do, especially with the requests from people who are interesting in your skills and talent

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    • Joe says:

      I feel you, man. But gotta do what the job pays me to do – do requests for members in a fair way. It’s out of my hands if they like my stuff or not, people have different tastes and that’s just how it is. It doesn’t really bother me, to be honest.

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  11. Strike says:

    I think it’s a great idea. We need other girls like Ino, Samui, Shizune, Shizuka, and others girls we haven’t seen much for like many months.

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  12. Zoomer says:

    Hello Joe ! How about to start to talk the truth ? You artists don’t do requests chronologically, even not try. How I know that ? Very easy. I has did my requests a few hour after the new suggestion system has been uploaded, and guess what ? I still didn’t at least single requests done, how strange. I bet there must be a huge dose requests from many members that’s you and others artists has skipped and rejected. So I guess your words ” the coders are already working on a way members can view the queue list for each artist ” is an another lie because you artists and your method of work chronologically is the main reason why the queue list is hidden.
    Also after that the so-called better suggestion system has been presented, we members got a lot dead pixxx-sites, huge problems with members requests to all sites because some artists just left HKey, some artists almost stopped drawing for pixxx-sites while some artists keep ignore many requests because they want to draw only for some special sites for some specials members
    How about make some poll for us, members, and ask us what we do think about this system. This the new suggestion system absolutely doesn’t work and I have solid proof of this: Since the 6th February, day when the new suggestion system been updated, artists from suggestion list had considered only 27 members requests while from exactly the same artists in period from 1th January to 6th February had considered 75 members requests ! Do you feel the difference between 27 and 75 ?
    So I bet many members must be very happy with that “better” service and know that their chances to be ignored skipped and rejected is never was so high as now with that the new suggestion system

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  13. Amaterasu user says:

    28 mars 2017:I think it’s a great idea. But it may be very hard to accomplish. It’s with no doubt it will put a lot more pressure on you and there may be bitching from members.

    I also agree with another comment that 5 is too much. With 5 times the Hinata pics will overflow the site. I think personally 3 times are more than enough. Maybe 3 x 3 is a better way handle it. And if you are doing it the requestS chronologically it’s important to come back for the Hinata or any much used requests that are currently on wait list until the 5 request with different characters are done. Otherwise, the idea won’t make any change and members will still be unsatisfied.

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  14. Amaterasu user says:

    But knowing you I am sure you can handle it in a fair way. Since you care more than any pixxx-artist ever I think you will handle this fine. But as I said before, it’s important to come back to the “much used” requests that have been put on waiting list, so the requests are done chronologically. :)

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  15. fabio says:

    new on site, I’m an admirer of rex

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