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  1. Wafflecone42 says:

    Wait, Samui, Sakura, and Ino are all from Naruto?! I was wondering why they were all on this NARUTO website.

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  2. lisario54fgdtfg says:

    And still no news when the suggestion system gonna be fixed. Shame :(

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  3. lisario54fgdtfg says:

    And now, to make comments here, needs to be non-members or log out, comments from members is not allowed here anymore. Great trolling and disrespect to own members, HKey

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  4. LinkAraa says:

    Thanks buddy for such usefull information that’s explain everything

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  5. LinkAraa says:

    So we have now:
    The broken queue list and that’s why artists can’t see and accepting requests from members, for example all Halloween requests of this year
    The comments section not for members because HKey admins do not want to see bitching from members about the ignoriing their requests, although technically thi is not a ignore
    What a perfect service for keep paying for, aren’t it?

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  6. Fighter Q says:

    What are you talking about ? Didn’t rex made a few Halloween requests from members this year ?

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  7. LinkAraa says:

    Actually Rex did only old Halloween requests from previous years and still a single Halloween idea from 2017 hasn’t been done yet, if you’re member you may check old NP queue list. Joe had promised to start doing Halloween requests around November time, but he did only few non-halloween requests from his old list too, Other artists didn’t made a single Halloween request for this year, even worse, some artists completely stopped drawing any kind of members requests. No one alloween request for “Boruto” characters and no one requests for cosplaying popular games, shows and anime 2017. Don’t forget, every year many members are always has asked many Halloween requests to all artists. Do you wanna say this year all members suddenly decided to ignore Halloween ?
    I see only one logical explaintion about this strange situation: the queue list and suggestion box is not working already two last month since this artists can’t see a new requests while members can’t make any requests.

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  8. lv says:

    Hey Rex, just letting you know that I cancelled my membership after 1 month because of the crappy request/queue section and lack of updates. Very disappointed with Narutopixxx lack of communication and poor service. I put in a request for an Ino picture that I do not know how long will take to draw. Also it seemed updates were happening much slower than in the past, especially from Rex. In 2014 and 15 an update every 2 days, 2016 once per 3 days or so, and now lucky if an update per week! With Darwin gone, new artists are lower quality and Rex is lazy. I encourage all members here to terminate their memberships until site quality improves, and if any really hot pixxx show up its very easy to get them online for free instead.

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  9. HarleyXQuinn says:

    Okay I was a bit angry because my Halloween themed idea wasn’t considered but now I mad because I know why this happened and mad even more because I know my other requests won’t be consider too because the techical isues of the suggestion box

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  10. Obito says:

    I just want to say fuck you because the websites is destroyed by your fucking bitch
    Where’s rin and sakura and kushina you slot

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  11. licantrop says:

    If everything that LinkAraa did said is the truth, and seems it is, then I not want to be a premium-member here

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  12. oka-rin says:

    Lack of updates, no feedback and now serious problems with members requests.
    November 2017 – the end of my HK-membership

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  13. nerwopasf says:

    HKey members only bitching, people who is not member also only bitching. I have very strong feelings comment section will be closed soon again

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  14. yazenike says:

    @LinkAraa or maybe queue system working fine, it’s artists ignoring all Halloween others ideas by their own will, but then everything getting only worse, right?
    But anyaway I lost any wish to keep paying here and gonna take some vacation from HK membership for next few months. I don’t think they gonna change something early

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  15. Neko-chan says:

    HK trolling and ignoring own members. Why I’m not surprised at all

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  16. Wolfer says:

    It was very predictable, many members will become more aggressive and annoying after failed halloween 2017. Perfect job HK you really knows how to lead business

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  17. Animeseven says:

    2014 and 2015 were great years with a lot of high quality pics by Rex. I did the mistake to waste my money, since none of my requests from narutopixxx were never done and and it’s been almost 3 years. I’m really sad, as I love Rex pics.

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  18. hgjghkhjkl says:

    Well Animeseven, from now every member will be share a your pain and disappointion about the waste of money thanks t new dead suggestion section, and the best part of this news – seems HKey absolutelly ok with that situaij and nobody from admins not gonna change/fixing anything
    Have a nice day !

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  19. mexters says:

    If HK are ignore and boycotting own members, then how about HK members start to ignore and boycotting HK too

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