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  1. Alibaba says:

    Hey Koala, I like your work but can you please stop giving massive sun burns to every character you make? Once you notice it (and it’s pretty noticeable in this one), you can’t ignore it!

  2. Alibaba says:

    Hey Koala, I like your work but can you please stop giving massive sun burns to every character you make? Once you notice it (and it’s pretty noticeable in this one), you can’t ignore it!

    • Amaterasu user says:

      I totally agree with ya pal. Dem tits are too big on character. Koala, your recent pics with Sakura and Tenten, the characters have too big tits. I mean just look at them compared to the anime/rex. Please try to decrease them. It makes me think that this is a habit of yours. Please consider this to your future pics. I have believe in ya. ;)

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  119. Amaterasu user says:

    I totally agree with ya pal. Dem tits are too big on character. Koala, your recent pics with Sakura and Tenten, the characters have too big tits. I mean just look at them compared to the anime/rex. Please try to decrease them. It makes me think that this is a habit of yours. Please consider this to your future pics. I have believe in ya. ;)

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