Being an ANBU is not for such a kind person like you

Posted on: June 21st, 2018 by Joe2 5 Comments

Requested by greshnik.

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  1. PickleTowel says:

    Aye why doesn’t it let me get the picture. Can someone help me, I need to beat my meat.

  2. KiSwordsman says:

    It’s because only HK members can see this pics while free users like can’t

  3. Raist says:

    Joe2′s pics on NarutoPixxx almost never let you see the full image just the thumbnail. This has been going on for a loooonnng time, and has never been fixed, although many people have complained.

  4. Khin says:

    As Always ! I pay a lot for having acces to this website every month and still we can’t get the pics, only the thumnail, ffs fix it or i leave this website

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