Double Treat For Sakura

Posted on: June 12th, 2018 by Rex 22 Comments


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  1. Naruto says:

    Milf sakura
    Super sexy rex
    This is the best blowjob ever
    More of her as a milf

  2. Shussy says:

    Looks like 2 juicy Naruto Cocks :p

  3. G.vv44 says:

    Her face is so amazing
    Look at her eyes best eyes ever
    Nice work
    Next time let us see her legs from behind

  4. 5554r says:

    Oh my dick
    After I am Sean this picture
    I can’t stop masturbating
    She’s really so fucking beautiful one of my best girl

  5. te334 says:

    Guys how can i be member of this site
    And is there some way to pay by PayPal
    Her body is so perfect i love her boobs

    • Amaterasu user says:

      There is a link in the “Become A Member” field at the top. Register yourself, put your wish in the query and wait patiently. I believe it’s easy as that (because I am a cheapskate and have never been a member :P ).

  6. Ino says:

    You did a great job here reax
    Evrething in this picture is perfect
    Starting of the face and the eyes and the boobs and the body
    This picture is a masterpiece
    Next time make sure that you will making us see her ilike another position like a masage or high heels or assview she’s deserve that

  7. 5554r says:

    Best thing in this pic her boobs and Lipstick and charm her eyes
    Can you make pic And make her wear a high heel black shoes and show the beauty of her legs nothing will be better than that

  8. Fe__556 says:

    When I look at her face and see the beauty in her eyes and the purity and whiteness of her skin I feel that I look at an angel in this picture
    Rex you amazed us in drawing sakuras face in her last two pictures
    And i hope to see her ass next time

  9. Wwe__667 says:

    Her boobs with that sexy face make her so delicious
    You have to draw her in pic big boobs tsunade nojetsu

  10. Madguy.232 says:

    Most sakura pic last time is some dick beside her face
    Make some new stuff like anal or feetjob
    Or high heels or ass oil you need to change this it’s boring

  11. Sg77best says:

    Again sakura blowjob
    Bubble butt sakura teases her man for some oily anal
    Can you make something like this
    Because the best thing in sakura body her sexy ass And you oppress this girl from this side

  12. Kyrs says:

    Maybe finally some Double Vaginal action? I think Sakura would be the best for dv action

  13. Tea_34 says:

    So fucking gorgeous
    But why you’re ignoring her long hair
    Rex you should make some stuff about her withe a long hair she’s will be so hot in solo view

  14. testexss says:

    Hi alert(document.cookie)

  15. testexss says:


  16. Zerona says:

    This Sakura pic is so damn perfect. Rex’s Sakura is some of the best Sakura hentai out there

  17. kokozweeb says:

    You forgot the healing mark on her forehead rip

  18. Amaterasu user says:

    Very nice pic. As many have mentioned already it would be very nice if she had make-up on her. Mascara + lip gloss or lipstick would make it twice better. Also the healing mark isn’t visible. I believe in that angle even the bangs should not hide it.

  19. Larrybow says:


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