Failed Chunin Exams… Waiting For The Next Mission

Posted on: July 9th, 2018 by Rex 13 Comments

Requested by garticlya 88

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  1. Madaraporoulo says:

    Yesss! Finally part one sakura, more pls, great job rex!

  2. HatsuneMikulover39 says:


  3. Ryan says:

    I’d like to see part 1 Ino getting fucked in pink panties.

  4. Grey says:

    Please, for a while.. STOP drowing pedo pics!
    You made a lot lately this time
    The idea is good, but i prefer sincerely the adult version and not the child…

  5. 5554r says:

    Who’s the fuck want to see pics like this
    They are so young especially sakura look at her face
    Rex make more pics for him as adult not like this
    This is so stupid

  6. Rex lover says:

    Rex can you just stop this shit
    Milf milf
    Did you know this word before

  7. Sasuke236 says:

    Muy buena

  8. TuRtLe_ says:

    People should just chill out. These images have been requested by members, who pay for it.

    If you don’t like the image, fine, just move on and look for something else. This website has like, hundreds of pictures… I’m sure you’re gonna find something that pleases ya.

    There’s no reason to bitch to Rex on the comment section until he’s forced so remove the post, and why are y’all so ofended anyway? Do you realize it’s just hentai?

    • HatsuneMikuLover39 says:

      TuRtLe_ well said me personally I prefer part 1 and part 2 to characters the part 3 characters in my opinion are a turn off but that’s all my opinion/preference and everyone has thier own opinion so stop complaining over the pixxx we get just be grateful we have then :) also PART 1 INO IS THE BEST

      • Amaterasu user says:

        I totally agree with ya, pal. The only reason this site is maintained is because of their members. If it weren’t for them, this page and community would be gone long time ago. So we, non-members, should at least show a bit gratitude towards the members of these sites.

        And as you say, no need to be bitching. Just skip the pic and watch the ones you prefer. ;)

  9. Crystalbob says:

    Seriously, stop the whining. They ain’t real, we need some petit love too.

    We’ve had nothing but part 2 since the start of the site. It’s nice to branch out to part one.

  10. Amaterasu user says:

    Nice pic. Glad to see part one girls again. Now that the Chuunin exam have failed, I bet their friends will be their next mission. ;) I love the secret smiles they have on their faces. It looks like they are exciting waiting for the good stick. ;)

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