Now you can get your main wedding gift, Naruto-kun

Posted on: July 31st, 2018 by Joe2 7 Comments

Idea by laslonant.

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  1. laslonant says:

    That’s freaking magnificent !!! Thank you very much Joe !

  2. Christian says:

    Hey joe here’s an idea I think would be cool, how about a Sakura and Sarada double footjob or Sarada sucking her own toes. Those are my ideas, thank you for all of your art work <3

  3. Hailly says:

    Why the picture doesnt load for me?

    • yord says:

      same here man… i’ve been unable to load the hi res images from all of joe2′s stuff. the link just takes me back to this page

  4. rodin says:

    more of the same, rinse and repeat

  5. Bhadra says:

    Fuck this hinata faggotry

  6. Amaterasu user says:

    Wow, now that’s not that bad. He have done a good job with resemble her wedding appearance. And her anatomy isn’t bad either. Be sure to enjoy your
    wedding gift, Naruto, you lucky fuck (referring to the originial title: Now you can get your main wedding gift, Naruto-kun)! Good job, Joe! Keep it up!

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