[2027] Quick Anal Sex at the School Roof

Posted on: July 25th, 2018 by Joe2 9 Comments

suggested by riyoko [2027]

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  1. riyoko says:

    Thank you very very much Joe for another amazingness picture

  2. Jacob says:

    Some of the pics don’t show up for me like the quick anal sex at the school roof

  3. Helleborus says:

    Jesus fucking Christ, it’s her again! There are a shit ton of amazing characters, but these mules always request the worst one!

    • Alex says:

      “one of the best”.
      Because hinata is a most requested character and a good female character in the series.

      • Amaterasu user says:

        She is both, but I really don’t understand why she is the most popular. I mean ok she is hot and a good looking lady, but that doesn’t mean she have to be the favorite. Everything is good to an extent, but after that it’s just too much. I know it’s requested and are not trying to complain. But I just want to point out that everything is good with ok amount.

        Lets say if Kushina were Hinata’s replacement and got requested all the time. Even the hottest MILF in the series could be boring if she was shown all the time. I am just try to say that seeing a character can be too much. This is said not a complain, but more like a wish to the requester to think twice before requesting Hinata. I know it’s their right to request for whatever they wish. But isn’t it much more wise and more fun to request for rare characters rather than Hinata like most of the members have requested for already?

        For instance, a hot girl like Miru that have been shown for many many years ago with Kisame doesn’t have one single pic here. Not only here, but I can think there are even more kunoichi that haven’t got any love here. Maybe the requester should request for a rare character rather the same everyone request for. Maybe by doing that you give the artist a challenge and your request will be done faster!

  4. rodin says:

    naruhina is the cancer of internet

    • Alex says:

      No. I think you judge it too fast because of the popularity about this couple. Naruhina is a good couple that people waited for since a long time. 4 years now it’s canon and you still complain? Just calm down and don’t be so negative, all right?

  5. Bhadra says:

    asspull couple

  6. Bhadra says:

    are you serious? she’s one of the worse written characters, how the fuck does she look good to you!

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