Wearing Mom’s Dress

Posted on: July 27th, 2018 by Rex 4 Comments

Requested by cavemanvan

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  1. Crystalbob says:

    Literally the best. Sarada X Naruto is the hottest stuff ever, and I love how Sarada looks here, spot on Rex!

  2. Piteira says:

    Rex, i’d like you to create something with sasuke and ino shippuden. She will be bent over with doing anal, they must be clothed with ino with panties to the side (pink, white or red), he’s practically raping her, pulling her arms behind and pushing all his dick in her ass, making her cry and ahegao, with creampie. He can be pulling her hair too. This must look like a rape, and must be ino from shippunden doing anal and clothed, please

  3. Madara says:

    How I love her and her mother
    They are the best and most beautiful at all her mother if you make sarada right foot in naruto mouth it will be the hottest picture ever her face and her bobbs and sakura dress so gorgeous you are rhe best rex
    Can you make sakura or ino Wearing black dress solo high heels

  4. Amaterasu user says:

    Wearing her mothers dress and taking her name. I am sure you will become a good slut just like your mother, Sarada. Under the 7th training you will never fail at your slut mission. That’s the way girl, keep up bouncing and I am sure you will even surpass your mother.

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